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Office Policies

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals



Office Policies



Please be advised of the policies for this office.



A 12-hour notice is required for cancellation of an appointment, or you will be charged in full for the

appointment. I need to know the night before the appointment for a timely cancellation. If you do not give me sufficient notice, payment is due before your next appointment. I allow one unexcused short cancellation per every two years. Exceptions may also be made for illnesses, family emergencies and unsafe weather conditions at the practitioner's discretion.



Appointment times are as scheduled and cannot extend beyond the stated time to accommodate late

arrivals. Please be on time to your appointment.



Massage/bodywork is not appropriate care for infectious or contagious illness. Please cancel your

appointment as soon as you are aware of an infectious or contagious condition. If it is within the 24-hour notice period, the cancellation fee may be waived.



Stopping a Massage

Please inform the practitioner if you would like her to change or discontinue a Massage for any reason. You are not required to give a reason, but you will be expected to pay for the full session. The practitioner may discontinue the Massage for any inappropriate or sexual behavior on the part of the client, but she must provide a reason.


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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