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Gretchen Wetherby, LMT (licensed in the state of Massachusetts)

I graduated with 700 hours of training from the StillPoint Center at Greenfield Community College in 2002. I studied the unit 1 of the Rossiter System® with Richard Rossiter.  I have also studied the Howard Rontal system of Myofascial Release Massage for the Upper and Lower body with Howard Rontal. I passed the certification for the Howard Rontal system of MyoFascial Release Massage.( ).  I studied Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Dr. Christopher Jordan (  I thoroughly enjoyed learning a technique that is safe to use on acute injuries and can reduce swelling immediately.  It has been very helpful with clients who have recently had surgery.

I followed this training up with a course using silicone cups to enhance my treatment with Saskia Cote at Using the cups allows me to manipulate the tissue while lifting and pulling rather than pushing.  Recently, I also attended Oncology Massage training from Tracy Walton & Associates (

My new high watermark for challenges in ongoing education is Manual Lymph Drainage. This spring, I completed the Dr. Vodder training for Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy ( ). If you think the names are a tongue twister, they are nothing compared to the classes! The sheer volume of techniques to be learned and the specificity with which they must be performed is staggering. Studying with Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists who are there studying for a new chapter in their careers. It's amazing to be able to change inflammation in a person's body. Everything from allergies to trauma to surgery can be improved by moving the fluid!

I believe everyone can be more comfortable in his/her body than s/he is right now.  It is my ongoing challenge to help clients from all walks of life stand taller and move more easily.  I find that taking the long held adhesions out of the fascia (connective tissues) yields the best and most lasting results.  I am a huge fan of Ida Rolf's work with Structural Integration (i.e. Rolfing). 

I began studying various types of bodywork after an emotionally stressful trip in college made me physically ill.  It intrigued me that my psychological well-being could completely overwhelm my physical health.  This curiosity led me to the StillPoint Massage Program at Greenfield Community College and continues to inform my work.


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